Calamity-stricken families can get a loan from government entities, such as SSS, Pag-ibig and GSIS, at a lower interest rate. Plus, many private lending firms also consider the viability of offering this type of loan solution. Filipinos just need to look a little deeper into their options to take advantage of the best deals.


As the country’s leading provider of housing development funding, Pag-Ibig also offers home repair and rehabilitation to victims of calamities. Applicant-victims can lodge their loans 90 days within the government’s declaration of areas under State of Calamity. Members can get up to 80% of their TAV, which may still depend on the programs terms. Interest rate comes at 5.95% per year with a 24-month amortization and 3-month grace period. Borrowers need to present the following upon application:

  • Duly accomplished Calamity Loan Application form
  • Proof of income
  • Photocopy of valid IDs (at least 2 IDs)
  • Declaration of Being Affected by the Calamity
2. SSS

SSS Calamity Loan is available only to families affected by calamities, which means the approval depends on government recommendations. After the 7.2 earthquake for instance, the government gives out loan packages to residents of Cebu and Bohol. The package includes an early salary loan renewal, advanced disability, SSS retirement pensions and survivorship and Direct House Repair and Improvement Loan with a lower interest rate. Applicant-victims are required to pass:

  • 2 valid IDs
  • SSS Card / ID or number
  • duly filled up application form

GSIS offers two flexible application options: 1) via GSIS Wireless Automated Processing System ([email protected]) and 2) Office. For the [email protected], borrower will need to go to any [email protected] kiosks and swipe their eCard Plus. Applications will have to follow manual application procedures when filing their loans in the office. To qualify for a loan, one has to:

  • be an active employee who hasn’t been on a Leave of Absence without Pay
  • have no administrative or criminal charges
  • have no loan declared in default
  • have no pending monthly contributions
  • be a resident of an area that’s declared under State of Calamity

GSIS, SSS and Pag-Ibig depends on State of Calamity declarations, which means these only cater to specific individuals. Those affected by calamities but are not living in State of Calamity areas can still get a low-interest loan from private lenders.

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