Product Review of UCPB Car Loan

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Founded in 1963, United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) is the Philippines’ first private bank to attain a universal status. The bank attained its expanded commercial banking status in 1981 and has continued creating financial products and services suited to the Filipino people’s needs even to this day.UCBP car loan is one of its most coveted loan solutions, considering its low rate and flexi-terms.

UCPB Car Loan comes in three types: 1) new car purchase, 2) second-hand car purchase and 3) multi-purpose wherein an existing car is used as collateral.

Eligibility Criteria Requirements

UCPB opens this offering to applicants who are:

  • Regularly employed with a monthly gross income of at least PHP 30,000 orself-employed running a profitable business for at least 3 years
  • A Filipino citizen, be it natural or legalized
  • At least 21 years old but must not be over 70 years old when the loan matures

The bank may impose additional qualifying standards depending on the loan amount and type of credit the applicant wants to get.

Those who’re eligible to get a loan should prepare these documents – these will be submitted upon application for processing and evaluation:

  • Duly filled out loan application form
  • Valid, preferably government-issued IDs
  • Photocopy of your latest ITR statement
  • Photocopy of the latest payslip and original copy of Certificate of Employment for employed applicants
  • Photocopies of Audited Financial Statement, Bank Statement for the last 3 consecutive months and SEC or DTI registration for self-employed, business owners
  •  Proof of Residence

Apart from these, it might help to present additional documents – such as credit history and collateral papers – to further establish your borrower identity. This will ensure fast processing and approval for your application.

Loan Features

UCPB’s auto loan boasts of the following features and perks:

Loan Tenure1 to 5 years for brand new cars

1 to 3 years for refinanced or second-hand vehicles

Loanable AmountPHP 100,000 minimum
Down Payment20% of the loaned amount
Payment MethodsAuto Debit Arrangement (applicants may be required to get a UCPB account)

Post-dated checks

When it comes to taking a car loan, applicants need to be vigilant about the car’s purchase price and tenure because these aspects will affect the interest rate, either in a good or bad way. For instance, negotiating on the purchase price and shortening the loan maturity can lower the interest rate while doing otherwise may cause you to pay more on the rates.

For more information contact the UCPB Branch nearest you or call +632) 811-9111. You can also visit their website at

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