Product Review of UCPB Business Loan

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If you are looking specifically for UCPB Business Loan, please visit their website or contact them at(02) 811-9111.Thank you.

The United Coconut Planters Bank, better known as UCPB, offers mainly 6 types of loans, one of which is small business loan. Their small business loan is designed for distributors, entrepreneurs, manufacturing companies, franchisees, medical and technical professionals and more. They categorize it into 3 different types of facility, mainly the promissory note line, the term loan and the franchising loan. The first is used as working capital and for inventory buildup; the second is for office expansion and construction of warehouse while the last one is to fund franchising requirements. They have different terms and payment schemes.


Generally, the loanable amount is Php500,000 to Php15,000,000. Collaterals could be residential, commercial and industrial properties. You can avail of aUCPB business loan if your business is registered with the SEC and DTI and has been making good profit for the last 36 months. Simply secure the documents needed by the bank. Interested borrowers can just download their loan application form and submit it via email.


The business loan offered by UCPB is no doubt an attractive loan offering, for it gives entrepreneurs across various industries a chance to grow their business. However, in case you do not meet their qualifications and you are not granted their loan, you need to have a backup plan. You can explore your other options for UCPB is not the only bank that offers loans for small businesses or startups. In this regard, Loansolutions can help you.

For more information contact the UCPB Branch nearest you or call (02) 811-9111. You can also visit their website

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