Product Review of Standard Chartered Bank Car Loan

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How many times have you thought about driving your dream car as you get stuck in long waiting lines for cabs and buses? How often do you fantasize driving the car of your dreams to escape the city’s congested roads?

Purchasing your dream car isn’t really that far from the truth with a Standard Chartered Bank Car Loan. SCB’s loan package is known for its fast processing and competitive rates.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements

Standard Chartered Bank offers its auto loan product to applicants who are:

  • At least 21 years old but should not be over 70 years old when the loan matures
  • A Filipino citizen, either a naturally born or legalized Filipino
  • A permanently employed individual earning at least PHP 10K Per month or a self-employed individual running a profitable company for at least 3 years

Loan application isn’t really that tiresome and time-consuming if you do it with us. Here, you’ll only have to fill up our3-Step Online Application Form and you’re good to go. We’ll do the rest of the number crunching for you, especially in finding the best loan provider. Just gather up the following documents for processing purposes:

  • Copy of your latest ITR
  • Valid IDs
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Vehicle Registration Log Card
  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
Loan Features

SCB’s auto loan package is one of the country’s best considering its flexi-term ranging from 12 to 60 months. Besides, the monthly amortization can be paid in various ways such as via online banking, cash deposits, post-dated checks, GIRO transfers and self-service automated machines. Applicants are required to apply with a co-borrower. SCB provides funding of up to 60% of the car’s Open Market Value. What’s best about SCB’s auto loan doesn’t have any hidden fees.

Top 2 Ways to Speed up Your Loan’s Approval

But you can certainly get your application approved twice as fast if you…

…present more documents proving your capacity to pay. If you’re running a business, feel free to present your profitability report as needed. Any records showing that you have passive income also help establish your credibility.

…prepare and bring along your credit records. Many banks consider this as good basis of our borrower behavior.

For more information contact the Standard Chartered Bank Branch nearest you or call830 1111. You can also visit their website

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If you’re still having second thoughts about getting a Standard Chartered Bank Car Loan, feel free to contact and talk with our loan consultants here We are the country’s largest network of lenders so there’s no doubt that we can help you explore your options. Apply via our online application form so that we can look into your credentials and find a suitable lender for you. This allows us to compare rates before making the final say.