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Standard Chartered Bank Philippines offers Cash Secured Loans and Bills Purchase facility to help you manage your business’ financial needs. To qualify, you need to complete all the credit and documentary requirements. There are also prescribed facility limits that you need to adhere to in order to become eligible for those financing products. To check on the eligibility requirements and other details, you may visit a nearby Standard Chartered Bank. Basically, you need to be at least 21 years old and not more than 65 years old to qualify for the bank’s loan products. Minimum salary requirements depend on the type of credit option you are looking to avail.

If those requirements seem difficult for you to manage, there is no need to worry. Standard Chartered Bank Business Loan is not the only available credit alternative for business owners. Loansolutions PH has a wide array of credit alternatives and loan products on offer, each is attached with an easier and simpler application process so you would not have to shed tears and sweat to avail of them.


Loansolutions PH is a credit servicing arm that bridges the gap between lenders and borrowers. We are here to help prospective borrowers find the perfect lender and the right loan product for them. We have significant partnerships with the country’s most trusted lenders, banks, and financial institutions. That alone warrants our capability in laying down various options where you can pick the best deal.

Our company was built around a commitment to open up opportunities for enterprising Filipinos and give them a shot in doing good business. Especially for small business owners, starting up can be extremely difficult with no financial support within reach. That is why we try to make things simpler with attainable qualifications.

At Loansolutions PH, you only need to be of legal age and earn at least PhP15,000 monthly. Once you are deemed qualified, you can send in a personal information form, from which we will base our suggestions regarding your prospective lenders. If you find any of our suggestions to be perfect for you and your needs, you can well start the application process. We can also help cut your trip short to getting approved.

Loansolutions PH is one of the best sources of credit alternatives in the Philippines. We believe in the Filipinos’ potential to succeed, given the right support to finance both startup and expansion plans. Even small business ideas can have a shot at success, if it was actually given the break. That is what we are here for, to provide that much needed break that will help you sustain a flourishing business, even in the midst of a highly competitive market.