SSS housing loan is designed to support the Philippine government’s Pabahay sa Bagong Siglo Program. This particular program aims to help Filipinos working abroad to afford a home through socialized and low-cost housing facilities.

The accepted conditions include:

  • Workers who are currently deployed overseas with an existing contract that was processed through POEA and has been authenticated by host country.
  • Workers who are awaiting renewal of contract or deployment abroad.
  • Workers who are already residing overseas for a long period but wish to avail of the housing program for a relative or in preparation for their retirement.
  • Filipino citizens who are immigrants of foreign countries but needs a housing facility for their families back home.

Unless you are working overseas, you would not be able to avail of SSS Direct Housing Loan Program. You can get help raising some money but only through a salary loan or home improvement loan, which are provided for those who work in the Philippines.


With limited resources for workers inside the country, Loansolutions PH can help widen your horizon and make you look beyond an SSS housing loan for option.

Just to make it clear, Loansolutions PH is not a lender. We are a service provider that aims to make it easier for Filipinos to own their dream home in a manner that is not burdensome. We are partners with trusted lenders and banks. We have the right connections to match you up with the right home financing deal that you can well manage through the entire loan term.

Loansolutions PH entertains Filipino citizens working in the country or abroad as well as foreigners who can present an Alien Certification for Residency (ACR). If you are 21 years old and above and earning a minimum of PhP15,000 monthly, you can fill out our application form available through Upon submitting your details, we will work to match you to the right lender and the right loan type that will fit into your needs, your requirements, and your financial capacity, whether it is an SSS housing loan or another. Once you have decided on the particular lender or bank financing facility, you will be required to adhere to specific requirements as per their company’s policy in order to get an approval for your loan.

Loansolutions PH is your best partner towards owning that home you have always wanted. Our options are not limited. Our options keep your doors open widely.