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If you are looking specifically for SSS Educational Loan,please visit their website at contact them at (632) 920-6401.

Apparently, the SSS educational loan is limited only to college students. But let’s face it. Funding primary and secondary education these days could be such a financial burden if your child goes to a private school. Did you know that early this year, it was rumored that the SSS educational loan was scrapped? The agency just contradicted this and said that new applicants were put on the waiting list because funds were not yet available. Most parents work doubly hard just to be able to enroll their child and support their educational needs. This is also why they commonly resort to getting a loan to pay for tuition fees. You don’t have to wait until SSS funds become available. In the process of finding the right loan product, Loansolutions can help you.

For more information contact the SSS Branch nearest you or call them at (632) 920-6401 . You can also visit their website at (632) 920-6401.


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