Enjoy Tailor-fit Financing Solution with One of Security Bank Business Loan Offers

Do yourself and the country’s economy a great favor! Get aSecurity Bank Business Loan now to launch your business and start providing jobs, generating cash, and eventually, accumulating wealth.

As one of the Philippines’ leading banks, Security Bank aims to fuel the country’s economy with corporate loans that perfectly support entrepreneurs in establishing, sustaining and growing their companies. Security Bank now offers the following financing options tailor-fit to address specific business goals and needs:

  • Contract to Sell (CTS) Financing
  • Floor Stock Financing
  • Back-to-Back Loans
  • Purchase of Receivables
  • Capital Expenditure
  • Specialized Lending
  • Working Capital
  • Project Finance

Security Bank offers some of the most innovative and attractive loan solutions in the country today. So make sure to talk to one of the Bank’s agents or one of our consultants here atLoansolutions PH to know the best option to get based on your credentials. Security Bank also offers flexible terms payment options for its clients. The Bank is also present in many cities and provinces in the country, making it one of the most accessible providers today.

Qualifications and Requirements

You’re eligible to get a loan if you’re between the ages 21 to 70 years old. The loan is only available to Filipino citizens, either a natural born or legalized immigrant. It is only open to self-employed individuals running a profitable company for at least 3 years. Employed individuals with a total monthly income that passes the bank’s requirements and are planning to open their own company are also encouraged to apply.

Those eligible to get a loan need to prepare these documentary requirements to process their application:

  • Photocopies of valid, government issued IDs
  • Proof of Income – i.e., latest payslips for employed applicants, cash flow report for business owners, Income Tax Return
  • Proof of Residence – i.e., Residence Certificate
  • Permits – i.e., Mayor’s Permit, SEC Registration, DTI Registration
  • Collateral Documents
Getting Your Hands on More Options

Not sure where to get started yet? Talk to one of our loan consultants here atLoansolutions PH. Our agents can guide you through the countless business financing options on the market today. We can even process your application for you.Loansolutions PH is the country’s biggest partnership of lenders our clients can tap into via our3-Step Online Application process. Just be ready with your documents so that we can review these and find a corporate loan provider to suit your business needs. Applicants may also follow up their loan status via ourCheck Loan Status tool available on-site. Our site is also packed with informative resources about loans and other financial topics you might like to browse through every now and then.