Most people are intimidated by the mere thought of buying a car for it would cost a fortune. However, there are used cars that are in good working condition and are cheaper than brand new ones. More importantly, there are car loans that will help finance major purchase such as these. Car loans are also applicable to second hand vehicles. Thus, if you think that you truly need a car for your work or business, you can seriously consider applying for a loan.

Used Car Loans in the Philippines

Car loans are among the most sought loans in the Philippines. Most banks offer car loans and compete for low interest rates. This gives Filipinos a chance to purchase cars to solve problems with commuting or to have a car for their growing family. There are also financing companies other than banks that offer vehicle loans. Buyers have the option to go to banks and check their car invgentory that is usually provided by affiliates and choose one they think suits their need. Alternatively, thye can select their vehicle of choice and the bank can provide the second hand car loan for them.

Buying a second hand car is a way to save money, and it’s best done via bank financing for banks offer more competitive deals. It is best to shop around for banks with low interest rates. However, some banks will not tell their interest rate until the loan is approved. This is not a problem because you can opt not to pursue the loan even if you get approved. Banks also attract buyers by offering promos such as car insurance. Typically, interest rates for used cars are higher than that of brand new cars, while loanable amount is lower. Additionally, the older the vehicle, the shorter the offered loan term.

Get a Loan the Easier Way

If you are interested in getting a second hand vehicle loan, you will not have difficulty searching because even if you look for it on the web, you will find so many loan providers. Allow us to offer you a more convenient way to find the used car loan you need. is a loan matching site that connects borrowers and lenders. We work with a wide network of banks and legit credit providers in the country. By submitting your application, you don’t have to submit application forms to different car loan providers.

Loansolutions PH will be the one to pre-qualify you based on lender’s criteria and your profile. Once a successful match or matches are found, we will present it to you. If there are multiple matches, choose the most attractive deal based on interest rate, terms, loanable amount and more.