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If you are looking specifically for Robinson’s Bank Car Loan, please visit their website at contact them at (02) 637-2273.

Robinson’s Bank is one of the major banks here in the country. It was established back in 1997 to provide Filipinos with services that gear towards global competitiveness.The bank offers different kinds of loans and among them is their car loan. Their car loans are payable within 12 to 60 months depending on which payment scheme you have selected. Interest rates are good and you’re required to pay 20% down payment.


Getting a car loan in the Philippines isn’t really as hard as the general public would think. There are plenty of banks in the Philippines that offer very detailed car loans and other financing companies that also offer competitive rates.Each of these has their different terms and conditions plus the varying interest and down payment rates. Usually you would need to pick your choice of car first and then move on to the application process for the loan. You would be mostly required to submit IDs, ITR and the duly accomplished application form.


The continuous development in technology has made it much easier for us to process applications. Nowadays there are several car loan companies that would just need you to submit the scanned version of the required documents. No more papers that you need to bring with you. You just need to send an email with an attachment of all the pertinent files to your application. Normally, you would need to visit one website at a time to browse for the car loan offers and then contact customer service to clarify something about your inquiry. You might do that for several banks and finance companies to see which one would accommodate you and which one would give you better deals.

For more information contact the Robinson’s Bank Branch nearest you or call (02) 637-2273. You can also visit their website at

Here are at, you don’t need to do that anymore, because over here, we aim not only to eliminate that with our pre-screening method. In that way, you just wait for a match with our list of lenders and then await for further instructions.

There are only two things that you need to remember for you to successfully apply for a car loan in Loansolutions PH. First, make sure that you have all the necessary documents needed. You should try to compile them earlier so that you get the chance to be processed fasted. You would then wait for the notification about the results of our pre-screening. Second, once we find your matches, we would send their details to you and have a finance office designated for you. If by chance you don’t get a match with our list of lenders then we would give you additional instructions that you can do to continue your application.