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Public transportation is easily accessible in the Philippines. However, having your own vehicle still has some benefits. Going from one place to another is more convenient as you can take the shortest route and you don’t have to ride from vehicle to vehicle to reach your destination. It also makes shopping easier as you can put the things that you purchased inside the trunk. It’s also quicker to get to the place you need to go to and it’s very helpful in case of emergency. If you’re thinking about getting your own vehicle, there are various lenders and banks that can help you with the financing.

One of the options is to get an RCBC car loan. It requires borrowers to be between 21 to 65 years old, Filipino citizen or foreigner with ACR, at least two years at present residence, permanently employed for the last two years and income is three times the monthly amortization. Repayment terms is up to 60 months for brand new cars and 48 months for second hand vehicles. As mentioned, the interest rate starts at 20% or the prevailing add on rate at the time of release of the loan.

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