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The concept behind the Philippine Veterans Bank (PVB) came up when Japan was made to pay a total of 30 million USD for services, capital goods and cash as reparation for the damages of the World War II. As stipulated in the Republic Act 1789, 20 million of the 30 million USD is to be invested in a bank to cater the needs of the veterans and their families. On June 18, 1963, PVB was formally enacted as a private commercial bank conceived and managed by the veterans. Today, the bank offers a wide array of services and financial solutions, the most in demand of which is the housing loan. However, those looking for a PVB car loan can opt to get a multi-purpose salary loan instead to fund the purchase of a brand new or pre-loved car.


As PVB doesn’t have offer a dedicated auto loan product yet, veterans planning to buy their own car will have to settle for its multi-purpose salary loan. PVB’s salary loan may be used for medical expenses, house renovation, school fees, car purchase and other emergencies. Loanable amount can range from PHP 5,000 to PHP 300,000. This comes at an attractive interest rate on the borrower’s chosen term, which can be from 6 to 36 months.


You must be a current or retired employee of PVAO and the Philippine Military to qualify for a loan. For processing purposes, present these documents upon application:

  • Birth certificate or any document to prove that you’re of legal age (21 to 70 years old)
  • A photocopy of any Proof of Residence documents (e.g., Residence Certificate, Voter’s ID)
  • Proof of Filipino Citizenship (e.g., Birth Certificate, Voter’s ID, Driver’s License) either naturalized or by birth
  • Proof of Income (e.g., latest payslip, Certificate of Employment) showing that your gross monthly income is PHP 10K or more

Quick tip banks usually offer lower rates to individuals with a high capacity to pay. So don’t hesitate to present documents showing your income streams, both passive and active if needs be.

For more information contact the PVB Branch nearest you or call (02) 840-2621. You can also visit their website at


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