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If you are looking specifically for PNB Personal Loan, please visit their website at or contact them at (632) 526-3131 to 70 | 891-6040 to 70. Thank you.

Most Filipinos rely on loans to resolve financial difficulties. Fortunately, various entities could provide loans, including banks and credit companies. Aside from private companies, government agencies also design lending programs.

The Philippine National Bank used to be a government bank until it was privatized and acquired by Lucio Tan. Today, it offers loan packages to meet the needs of clients.

If you are interested in applying for a personal loan from the bank, you might fall under the Home Flexi Loan program. This is designed to meet various needs, including improvement of your current home, purchase of new furniture or appliance, travel expense, residential equity payment, club share acquisition and more. This loan requires collateral. If you qualify, you can take advantage of competitive rates and personalized terms. However, if you think you cannot meet the requirements, it’s time for you to explore your options. This is when we will step in to help you.

For more information contact the PNB Branch nearest you or call (632) 526-3131 to 70 | 891-6040 to 70. You can also visit their website at


If perhaps PNB will not be able to offer you the loan you need, there are hundreds of other banks and credit companies out there that could help you. Better yet, apply with and simply submit a one loan application form to us and we’ll find suitable lender matches that can offer you friendly rates and flexible repayment terms.

At, you can benefit from getting access to different loan products. It is because we have partnered with a wide network of reputable banks and finance institutions in the country. Using your account information, such as amount of salary, years of employment and others, we will pre-qualify you and match you with a lender that finds your credentials eligible. This means that even if you don’t qualify for one bank or institution, there is a chance that you are eligible for other lender.

Borrowers who are Filipino citizens aged 21 to 70 can try to apply, provided their annual salary is Php 120,000 or if their business earns Php 400,000 a year. Tenure of employment can be as short as one year for some companies. Professionals in private practice and OFWs are also welcome to apply.

Loansolutions PH has a wide network of lenders, so there is a big possibility that you qualify and get the loan you need. Just fill out the application form and submit it to us. After that, we will do the matching process. If there are multiple matches, get this chance to apply for the most attractive offer, considering the interest rate and payment terms