Are you on the lookout for financing options for your planned business launching soon? Are you looking forward to opening a new branch in the near future? Or do you feel like you need to redesign your office and buy new equipment?

Whether you’re looking for financing option for a business launch or equipment purchase, PNB Business Loan is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs like you. As one of the country’s leading bank, Philippine National Bank offers a wide array of innovative corporate loans. Here are the seven options you can choose from depending on your business needs and goals:

  1. Terms Loans

    1. Short Term - The best financing option to address working capital needs such as the purchase of new supplies. This is payable within one year.
    2. Long Term - A suitable choice if you’re pooling money to finance a project launch, office expansion or purchase of capital services or goods. This is payable within 2 to 7 years.

  2. Credit Lines

    1. Revolving Credit Line
    2. Discounting Line
    3. Peso/FX Convertible Credit line
    4. Domestic Bills Purchase Line
    5. Omnibus Line

  3. Trade Services and Finance- A loan type with financing sub-types for specific purposes such as credits for custom duties, advisory services and purchased lines, to name a few.

  4. Specialized Lending Programs - These are from government institutions to help start and expand existing projects, as well for relocation and rehabilitation programs. These are payable to up to 20 years.

  5. Sugar Loans Program- This is a type of loan designed for sugar production and distribution companies, especially for the processing and distribution of sugar products, as well as for refurbishment of sugar mill.

  6. Small Business Loan Program- A suitable funding option for those running or planning to open businesses in light manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, processing and services industries. Qualified borrowers can borrow up to PHP 10 million, which is payable within one to five years.

  7. Loans to Local Government Units- The best source of funding for cities, local government and municipalities to fund revenue-generating projects, public infrastructure and machinery.


PNB business loan is available to entrepreneurs and employed individuals alike, as long as applicants are within the age limit, which is 21 to 70 years old. Entrepreneurs need to present papers showing that their business is in operation for at least 3 years while those employed individuals need to present their income statement. Applicants need to submit collateral documents. To speed up the approval rate, it’s highly recommended to pass a credit history report, which should show a positive behavior.


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