Many Filipino families are living from pay check to pay check. Pay period is usually semi-monthly. Typically, when they receive their salaries, the money would go to different expenses including utility bills, foods and kids’ allowance. Some also need to pay apartment rental. There’s usually little left, which may be used for other things that they need. This is why not everyone is able to save for emergency and if they do, it may not be enough so they would still need more cash if unexpected things happen. This is where loan application comes in. Some of the most popular reasons why Filipinos apply for loans are education, appliances or gadgets, health, medical emergencies and home renovation.

PJH Lending Corporation is a lending company that has been providing loans to Filipinos since 1999. They can lend money from PhP15,000 to PhP500,000,000 that is payable from 3 to 15 months. The interest rate is not posted on their site. Moreover, you need to personally visit their office for orientation and loan application. They don’t have an online form, which we have.

Loansolutions PH can help you get the loan that you need quickly and conveniently. Whether you need cash for education, medical emergency or home upgrades, we’ll connect you to our partner lenders that can give you what you need. We have teamed with lenders that offer low interest rate, which is typically from 1% to 5%. This falls under the standard loan rates in the country. Moreover, everything can be done online. You can save time and effort, as you just have to fill up our online form for the pre-qualification process. We’ll present to you the lenders that could possibly lend you money based on your details. With this, you can compare your choices and select the best lender.


Fill out the online loan application form on our site and your details will be used for your pre-qualification. You must be a Filipino citizen or a foreigner with ACR (Alien Certification for Residency). You must be at least 21-years old and with a minimum monthly salary of PhP15,000. Depending on your ability to pay, you can borrow from PhP10,000 to PhP2,000,000. We will then inform you about the lenders that could possibly lend you money. They will also send their terms and interest rate so make sure that you read and understand them. Compare your options and choose which of them you would like to apply to. Your loan will be processed and you’ll be notified of its approval within a few days. Start filling out the form at Loansolutions.ph now.