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If you are looking specifically for Philtrust Bank Business Loan, please visit their website at or contact them at (02) 524-9061 Thank you.

A Philtrust Bank business loan is among the many products offered by Philtrust Bank. They have been established back in 1916 as the first institution engaged in the trust business industry. Their business loan is among the many other business loans offered within the Philippines.


Business loans are among the most common options of entrepreneurs and business owners to kickstart their enterprise. They are used more commonly to build new businesses while other business loans are spent to expand. Right now, there are several options to choose from.There are loans for large enterprises and small enterprises. There are also loans that are for long term or short terms. They vary in the rates of interest too.


A lot of business owners have plenty of second thoughts about applying for loans. Given that there are really a large number of business loans here in the Philippines are big on the interest rates, its very understandable that only a few people would turn to business loans to upgrade their business.

For more information contact the Philtrust Bank Branch nearest you or call (02) 524-9061. You can also visit their website at

Here at, you wouldn’t have to worry a lot about the staggering amount of money you have to pay for the interest. You also don’t have to worry about looking for different banks one by one because we would be able to provide a shortlist of choices for you.


Here at Loansolutions PH, we have only 2 steps for the entire process. First is that we would ask you to submit all of the requirements needed. An example of the requirements would by your IDs, ITR, Annual income report and the application form. You need to make sure that you fill out the form correctly so we could help you a lot better

After you submit all the requirements we ask from you, we would process all of these documents for us to find your match among our list of lenders. This process could take a week at most. Once we find you a viable match, we would send you a notification.

The second step would be for you to look at the lenders’ details, terms and conditions and other pertinent information that you would want to know about. We would also assign a finance officer to work closely with you all throughout your application. He or she would be in charge of assisting you, so you can freely ask questions from them.

If by chance you fail to match any of the lenders that we have, we will give you other options for you to still qualify for a business loan.