Personal loans offer a good solution to meet emergency financial needs. You can use the cash to fund tuition fees, afford a new appliance or renovate a part of your home. Most lenders wouldn’t really care about why you need the money but how you would be able to repay it. A good credit standing can increase your chances of getting the loan approved, so before even trying to apply for it, make sure your income allows you to make the monthly repayment.Personal loan in Visayas is the same as how it works with the rest of the country. The region also has a good number of banks and legit financial companies that offer personal loans.


Most personal loans are designed for regular employees who have reached certain tenure in a company. Lenders will see if you have a steady stream of income, so they prefer that you have been working with the company at a particular number of years. They also prefer if borrowers are permanent residents of their address. A minimum monthly income is also required. Filipinos 21 years old and above can apply for a loan.


The requirements to be submitted include a latest certificate of employment, latest pay slip, company ID, government-issued IDs and copy of Income Tax Return. If you want the lender to easily establish your credibility as borrower, you can provide them with credit card and/or bank statement of account if it possible.


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