Are you interested to get a personal loan in NCR You can surely find loans at attractive rates and favorable terms. The process of getting personal loans has been made easier, benefitting more consumers. In the Philippines, many people resort to getting loans to solve financial difficulties. Financial assistance like these help people get a large sum of cash that they can repay in installment. Loans make it possible to pay for high tuition fees, afford a major purchase, travel or meet medical costs. When it comes to choosing for the best loan offer, it is best to compare different products.


Personal loans surely offer an excellent way to get funds and meet financial needs. Most banks and credit companies today do not require collaterals for this type of loan. Repayment is straightforward so it’s still possible to maintain your budget. Some feature fixed interest rate, meaning the amount of your monthly payment is the same, making it easy for you to plan your monthly budget.

Fixed terms are also a common feature, so you know when you will be able to complete the payment. Interest rates vary from one lender to another. Rates range from 1 to 5% a month. To get an idea of how much you will be paying per month, divide the total loan month with the number of months to pay and get figure A. Then, multiply the approved loan amount with the interest rate and take it as figure B. Finally, add figure A and B for the monthly rate.


To qualify for a loan, you must be a Filipino citizen or a foreignerwith ACR or Alien Certification for Residency. The minimum requirement depends on the lender, but some accepts a gross monthly income of just Php10,000. Employees must be working with a company of a certain number of years. Borrowers must also be permanent residents so they must secure latest proof of billing.


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