If you are looking for a personal loan in Cebu City , you will not have a hard time to find one because there are numerous companies including banks and lending companies offering loans in the city. Tough times are inevitable, and it is important for you to have someone you can rely on during financial difficulty. Lenders today are now less strict than before, and the industry is thriving, as competition gets tougher. This benefits consumers for their needs are met and they can choose the best loan offer.


The first thing that might cross your mind before applying for a loan is whether or not you are eligible to get a  loan. Most lenders first establish a loan applicant’s capacity to repay the loan they are applying for. They commonly require employed individuals a specific gross monthly income and years of employment. For instance, some may require at least Php 10,000 gross monthly income while others require higher, especially for those working in BPOs.

Some lendersallow borrowers who have only been employed in the same company for one or two years while others want a longer work tenure. While these qualifications vary, take note that lenders want to establish the likelihood of your being able to repay them, which might also affect the loan term. In Cebu and the entire country for that matter, Filipinos aged 21 to 70 and have stable source of income can try to apply for a loan.


Commonly, you need to prepare your certificate of employment, latest pay slip, latest proof of billing, ITR and company and government ID cards. It’s best to have these documents early for a faster loan processing. OFWs and OFW families have different set of requirements to submit.


The process that you have to go through with each loan application may be the same, but expect some companies to be a little stricter compared with the rest. However, there is an easy way to apply for a loan these days. With the advent of the Internet, you can just submit an application form atLoansolutions.ph and we can facilitate the loan for you. We are currently in partnership with major banks and legit finance companies. We have an advanced system of algorithm that matches your profile to that of our lenders and their loan products.

This cuts the entire process, for you don’t have to go to different lenders and submit your application form.Loansolutions PH will be the one to assess if your credentials are acceptable to our lender and match the two of you. Once you’ve been matched, choose the best loan offer considering the interest rates and terms.