Quick Source of Cash

Now before going any further, you might like to consider these questions – these are assessment points to help you discover more possibilities of getting a pension loan:

  • Are you looking for a quick source of cash?
  • Do you have plans to go on a year-end vacation with your spouse?
  • Have you considered the possibility of opening a start-up company?

Apart from emergency and payday loans, a pension loan is a financing option you can rely on. In the Philippines, many banks are now partnering with government agencies in offering this type of loans to pensioners.

Philippine National Bank –SSS recently launched its PNB SSS Pensioner Loan Program in partnership with the Philippine National Bank (PNB). It has a low interest rate of 1.25% per month and is open to SSS pensioners who’re up to 70 years old and is a PNB account holder.

Lender-Borrower Match Up

Philippine Veteran’s Bank (PVB) –SSS has also partnered with PVB with the same purpose of providing SSS pensioners with low-interest loan solution. Qualified applicants can borrow PHP 20, 000 – PHP 50, 000. Application can also be renewed or re-availed after six months.


As you would to other loan application procedures, it’s a must to complete your documentary requirements for a fast and hassle-free approval.

  • Passbook / ATM / E-Card
  • Barangay Clearance
  • Most recent Proof of Billing (required for both co-borrower and borrower)
  • Birth Certificate for Insurance Coverage / Marriage Contract
  • 2×2 picture (4 pcs)
  • Proof of good health (e.g., hobbies, medical doctor’s certificate) for faster approval

You might also be required to undergo a 3-5 pre-qualifying interview. Apart from the documents, providers may also look into other aspects such as your health and whether you’re the sole holder of the pensioner account.

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Note:One important thing to consider is the fact that your pension plan is a preparation for your retirement years. That said, it’s best to think a couple of times before making the decision to put it as collateral for a quick cash solution. Nevertheless, getting a pension loan early on, especially from SSS or GSIS, is a way to confirm if all your contributions are remitted by your employer. It’s also a way to start building up your credit history, which will then allow you to borrow more money in the future.