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If you are looking specifically for PBCom Car Loan, please visit their website at or contact them at (+632) 830-7000. Thank you.

Driving the car of your dreams isn’t really that close to impossible. With a PBCom Car Loan, you can take your family or friends on a long road trip using your own car in no time.


PBCom commits to its aim to help its clientele improve their standards of living, which explains its wide selection of borrower-friendly financial products. This is also the reason behind PBCom’s competitive auto loan offer, which the bank offers to as many qualified applicants as possible.

You’re probably qualified to get a PBCom Car Loan if you are:

  • 21 to 65 years old and not be over 65 years old when the loan matures
  • Filipino citizen (Filipinos based abroad or foreigners residing in the country)
  • Earning a minimum gross family income of PHP 40,000 per month (for the purchase of new cars) or PHP 50,000 (for the purchase of second-hand cars)

Go to the nearest PBCom branch or contact Loansolutions PH’s authorized loan consultants for any additional loan-specific eligibility criteria.


PBCom offers this loan to individuals who like to purchase either a new or second-hand vehicles. This is also a perfect funding solution to car owners looking for reimbursement for their newly acquired brand new car.

Loanable amount starts at PHP 200,000 to up to PHP 10Million. PBCom can also provide financing to up 80% of the car’s suggested retail price for brand new vehicles or 70% of the appraised value for second-hand cars. Monthly amortization is paid either via auto-debit arrangement or post-dated checks.

Loan for new car purchase is payable within 12 to 60 months and second-hand car loan is payable within 12 to 48 months.

Qualified applicants need to pay the upfront appraisal fee worth PHP 1,500 on top of the interest rate. It also helps to present multiple documents supporting your capacity to pay (e.g., proof of income streams, positive credit records) to get a better deal and ensure fast processing.

For more information contact the PBCom Branch nearest you or call (+632) 830-7000 . You can also visit their website at

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