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If you are looking specifically for PBCom Business Loan, please visit their website at or contact them at +632 77-PBCOM (77-72266). Thank you.

Small and medium enterprises can avail of PBCom’s available financial solutions to help fund their business goals. The choices are:

  • Short Term Working Capital Loan Line. As its product name implies, this business loan type will help provide depth to your working capital in case you need to purchase raw materials, supplies, and product stock.
  • Term Loan. This long term secured loan is intended for big purchases or expansions.
  • Trade Check Discounting Line. This will help secure a steady cash flow for your business because post-dated checks will be discounted when you need cash, with no waiting period.
  • Trade Finance Receivable Line. This is another secured business loan based on your foreseeable collection, which will help you get to your collectibles before they materialize so you can use the money to fund any current business need.
  • Letter of Credit/Trust Receipt Line. This type of SME loan will help smoothen business transactions with your old and new partners.
  • Condotel Loan. This type of PBCom Business Loan is created for those who intend to purchase a condotel unit.
  • Domestic Bills Purchase Line. This type of loan will allow checks to become available funds for you even prior to the clearing period.

Indeed, there are various business loan options available. The real trick is in the process of choosing. If you are afraid you might make a poor choice, you can always turn to Loansolutions PH to help you through with the best results.

For more information contact the PBCom Branch nearest you or call +632 77-PBCOM (77-72266). You can also visit their website at


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