There are many advantages in simply pawning a valuable at a pawnshop compared to getting a loan from a bank or other financial services company. One of these advantages is the ease and speed of the process. You simply have to go the pawnshop, get your valuable assessed, and get the money. It’s basically a personal loan with the valuable as a collateral. Your credit background no longer needs to be checked. If you are of legal age, you are virtually always qualified to do pawn something at a pawnshop. There’s almost no waiting time except for the few minutes you have to wait for the assessment. Moreover, the paperwork is very minimal unless you are being asked to show proof of ownership.

In terms of payments, you will not be bothered by a collector or you will not be pestered by collection notices. In fact, the pawnshop does not care if you are able to pay or not because they have your valuable with them. In almost all cases, the valuable you pawn costs higher than the amount loaned to you so it’s usually favorable to them if you no longer get your pawned item back.

However, not everyone has an item that can be pawned. Similarly, not every place has a pawnshop to have something pawned at. That’s why you may have to look for an alternative lender. That’s what we at Loansolutions are here for. We can help you look for a lender that can address your needs at the best possible terms and interest rates. We strive to match you to a lender that offers loans comparable to the personal loans you can get from a pawnshop.


The pawnshop loan amount you can get is based on the value of the valuable or property you are pawning. Because of this, the amount you can borrow is usually minimal. If you need a bigger amount, you will have to look for another lender. Again, we at Loansolutions are always ready to provide assistance. We have partnered with several lending companies so we can easily connect you to lenders that can serve your needs. As much as possible, we find lenders that offer interests that are comparable to pawnshop rates.


The single best advantage of pawnshop loans is the fact that your credit background and other circumstances are no longer being evaluated. It hardly happens that you are not qualified to have something pawned. If you use the services of alternative lenders, though, you will be assessed for your qualifications. You need to be at least 24 years old and should be able to show proofs that you have a regular source of income. In this regard, we also provide assistance through our prequalification system. We see to it that you are completely qualified for the loan alternative you will be applying for so you wouldn’t waste your time waiting on a loan application that is sure to be disapproved. If you ever get disapproved, we will extend our assistance again by looking for other lenders.

Find the right pawnshop loan alternative that fits your needs with low interest rates and favorable terms. Allow us at Loansolutions to help you.