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If you are looking specifically for National Home Mortgage, please visit their website at or contact them at  (032) 231-1379, (032) 232-0578. Thank you.

National Home Mortgage offers housing loans to qualified applicants. However, the interest rate is high, which is 8% per annum for a loan amount of PhP1,000,000. The interest rate is 10% per annum if the loan amount is over PhP1,000,000. Loansolutions have partnered with trusted banks and lenders that offer lower interest rates. Our partners have their own terms but the rate is usually from 1% to 5%, which is lower than the interest rate of National Home Mortgage. The loan amount can also be up to PhP2,000,000 depending on your ability to pay.


Tired of paying the monthly rent of your apartment? Perhaps you want to move to a more comfortable home for your growing family. Loansolutions can help you get the best National Home Mortgage application alternative. As long as you meet the requirements on our site you can fill out our online form so we can match you with our partners.

You must be a Filipino citizen, a regular employee, earn at least PhP15,000 and at least 21 years old for lenders and 24 years old for banks. Meeting these requirements pre-qualifies you for a home loan with one of our lenders and banks. Put on all the details needed on our online application form for alternative National Home Mortgage fast processing. Your home loan can be approved in a short time. You will usually be notified about the status of your loan within 5 to 10 days.

For more information contact the National Home Mortgage Branch nearest you or call 032) 231-1379, (032) 232-0578. You can also visit their website at


Loansolutions was created by lenders like you who experienced the difficulties of applying for a loan in the Philippines and more so having it approved. This is why we had this initiative to make it easier for Filipinos to apply for loans, whether it’s a payday, personal, business or home loan. Applying for a loan from National Home Mortgage has a processing and appraisal fee.

When you apply for Loansolutions, you will not be charged for anything as this is a pre-qualification for the application. All terms and payments will be between you and the lender you choose. Plus, you’re not obliged to push through with the loan if you’re not satisfied with their rate and terms. We are paid by the lenders for every successful transaction so you will not be responsible for any payment to our site.

Our online form is easy to understand so you wouldn’t have any problems filling it up. Since application is done online, this is a huge time saver since you don’t have to personally go to the office of the lenders to check out their terms or apply for a loan. Let Loansolutions help you get your home loan today.