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If you are looking specifically for National Home Mortgage Loan, please visit their website at or contact them at  (032) 231-1379, (032) 232-0578. Thank you.

National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation acts as a secondary mortgage provider, in which the mortgage of the home is paid for in full purchase price. The principal borrower will then make the payments to the corporation as agreed on the terms. Payment is within a maximum of 25 years and the interest rate is from 8% to 10%. There’s also a processing fee of PhP2,000. Traditional loan also usually takes time to be processed and approved.

Loansolutions aim to make the loan process fast and easy for Filipino borrowers. There’s no fee to apply on our site so you wouldn’t lose anything if you fill out our mortgage loan application form. By giving the details asked from you, we can match you with our partner banks and lenders that meet your requirements. Read their terms so you can decide which of them to choose. A quick alternative National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation process is what our site provides as you can expect to have your loan approved within 5 to 10 days. You don’t have to wait for several weeks or months, which is often the case with traditional loans.

For more information contact the Mortgage Branch nearest you or call (032) 231-1379, (032) 232-0578. You can also visit their website at .


Loansolutions would help you find National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation low rates alternatives. As the corporation provides 8% to 10% interest rate for home mortgage, you’ll be happy to know that our partner banks and lenders only give an interest rate of 1% to 5%. The maximum amount that you can borrow is PhP2,000,000 depending on your ability to pay.


You too can qualify for a mortgage loan alternative from what National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation offers. Basic requirements include being a Filipino citizen or if a foreigner, you must be able to provide an ACR (Alien Certification for Residency) and earning at least PhP15,000 per month. Age requirements vary from different banks and lenders. However, banks often require borrowers to be at least 24 years old and not over 60 years old upon the maturity of their loan. Lending companies on the other hand usually require a borrower to be at least 21 years old to 70 years old as long as proof of income can be provided. Fill our online mortgage loan application and we’ll match you with the lenders that can provide you the money that you need to purchase a home. You will not be charged for any processing fee and there’s no obligation to push through with the application in case you don’t find any of your options interesting. There’s nothing to lose on your part so why not fill up the online application form now?