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With the recent economic drop in Asia, many investors would most likely have doubts in investing in ASEAN countries, but not Mizuho Bank. In fact, the bank’s leaders have plans to forge partnership with local banks here in the Philippines. President Nobuhide Hayashi says this is the best way to take advantage of the country’s robust demand for loan. The bank has also started its operations in its Makati City, Metro Manila branch offering a range of cost-efficient financial services such as Mizuho Bank personal loan, remittances, deposit-taking, bill import/export and guarantees.


Mizuho'spersonal loan is one of the most in-demand financial services in the country today because it can be used for different purposes, be it for emergency needs, low-cost investment, car purchase or a child’s education.

  • Your Budget– Decide how much you’re willing to set aside as payment for your loan as realistically as possible to avoid penalties for late payments.
  • Amount to Borrow– Know how much to borrow to estimate your monthly repayments more precisely, especially in relation to the interest rate and terms.
  • Interest Rate– Interest rate depends on the amount you plan borrow and the term. Generally, interest rate is low if you plan to borrow just the minimum amount or a bit higher and if you’re going to pay it faster.
  • Terms– Banks commonly offer lower interest rates to borrowers who can pay off their credit faster.
  • Payment Options– Avoid paying your dues late by opting for banks offering convenient payment options such as via ATM or online banking.

To qualify for a loan, you must be at least 21 years old, has a stable source of income, whether from a regular salary or a business. Salaried borrowers must present a proof of regularization alongside their payslips. For business owners, a list of suppliers and/or clients may also be needed.

Mizuho Bank has the discretion to demand additional documents from borrowers to check the background and identity. The basic requirements to prepare for your loan to be considered are as follows:

  • Proof of Citizenship – Valid ID’s bearing the borrower’s permanent residence.
  • Proof of Income – Latest payslips (for employed borrowers) or profit-loss statement for business owners
  • Valid IDs – Preferably, government-issued such as Voter’s ID, PRC or Driver’s License

For more information contact the Mizuho Branch nearest you or call 63-2-860-3500. You can also visit their website at


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