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If you are looking specifically for Metrobank Business Loan, please visit their website at or contact them at (02) 898-8000 Thank you.

As one of the leading commercial banks of the country, Metrobank is a proactive supporter of the country’s Small and Medium Business owners. There’s now a wide selection of Metrobank business loan options entrepreneurs can choose from to address specific needs. Specifically, these are the Bank’s main offers:

  • SME Term Loan- A suitable financing option for those planning to expand their business by way of franchise financing, materials acquisition and equipment purchase. Loanable amount is PHP 1 to 20 million and is payable to up to 7 years.
  • SME Credit Line- The best option for entrepreneurs who’re looking for financing to sustain their business’ daily requirements such as purchase of supplies and inventory. This is also a good solution to cover expenses and receivables gap. SME credit line holders can borrow from PHP 1 to 20 million and is renewable every year.

Whether you’re planning to open a new branch or buy additional equipment, there’s a Metrobank loan for you. Just visit the branch nearest you or contact one of our authorized loan consultants here at Loansolutions PH to inquire about the loan you like to get.


Metrobank loans are available to anyone within the ages 21 to 70 years old. Applicants must either be a legalized or naturally born Filipino citizen with documents to show their residence, as well as home and office contact details. They should also have a regular income source, either from a regular job or a business. Metrobank may impose additional qualifying criteria based on their internal standards. And to ensure you’ll get approved faster, it’s important to prepare as many Proof of Income documents and submit these as necessary.


Business and Personal Identification

  • Business Loan application form, duly completed and signed
  • Photocopy of 1 valid, government-issued ID
  • Proof of Billing
  • Business Permit or Business Registration Certificate

Financial Documents

  • Three years worth of Income Tax Return (Photocopies)
  • Six months worth of Bank Statements (Photocopies)
  • Three years worth of Audited Financial Statement (Photocopies)

Collateral Documents

  • Updated Tax Declaration
  • Certificate of Placement
  • Copies of Condominium Certificate of Title and Transfer Certificate
  • Bill of Materials, Vicinity Map, Location Plan (for construction)

Metrobank will inform applicants whether their application is approved or not within 15 banking days upon submission of all required documents.

For more information contact the Metrobank Branch nearest you or call (02) 898-8000. You can also visit their website at


The best way to get a Metrobank Business Loan is via the 3-Step Online Application Process at Loansolutions PH is the country’s largest loan provider network entrepreneurs can get in touch with to explore their options. There’s also a Check Loan Status tool on-site that can be used to monitor whether their application is approved or declined. The firm also has agents who can help applicants find other options should they be declined for their application.