Are you planning to get pregnant soon?

Or are you already in the first couple of weeks in your pregnancy?

If you answer yes to either of the questions above, it’s good to consider the option of getting a maternity loan. Pregnancy-related hospitalization, check-ups and medication are not usually included in HMOs provided by companies. And it’s a practical decision to secure funds for the baby’s delivery, apart from the money you and your spouse have probably saved up for this major event of your life.

Getting a maternity loan isn’t really that difficult if you know who to call for advice and the considerations for application. For instance, prior to delivery, you may need to pay for consultation and vitamins. During the delivery, it’s necessary to prepare enough money just in case the doctor suggests to do Cesarean operation. Post-delivery, you need to consider taking in vitamins and supplements to recuperate faster. And that’s just for yourself, the baby also has his/her own needs, which include vaccinations and vitamins amongst others.

In the Philippines, the SSS is the only government entity to offer maternity perks, which doesn’t necessarily equate to financial assistance. The SSS maternity benefit is primarily just extended leave credits of up to 60 calendar days. There is, however, a daily cash stipend given to mothers during the days they’re unable to work. Mothers undergoing C-section delivery can get an additional 18 days leave on top of the 60-day credits.

SSS Maternity Benefits applicants should pass the following documents for loan approval:

  • Maternity Notification Form (received and stamped by SSS)
  • SSS Biometrics or UMID ID
  • Maternity Reimbursement Form
  • Employer Certification by the latest employer detailing the employee’s effective date of separation (applicable only to separate members)
  • Certificate that no advanced fees are given
  • Certified and authenticated copy of normal delivery record
  • Certified and authenticated copy of Cesarean delivery record
  • Obstetrical history showing records of miscarriage or complete abortion (if applicable)
How Loansolutions PH Can Help

Our aim is to make a positive change in the Philippines’ traditional lending industry. If the SSS Maternity Benefit isn’t enough for you or you’re not qualified for it, you can benefit from the loan solutions of our private lending partners. We’ve launched a pro-borrower scheme that will encourage lenders to compete with each other to win their target borrower, you.

  • 2 valid IDs
  • SSS Card / ID or number
  • duly filled up application form
3-Step Online Application Scheme

You can get access to a pool of reliable lenders via our 3-step application system:

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Get matched with the lenders
  3. Access your money
Lender-Borrower Match Up

Once you’re lodged your application, we will read through your documents, especially your credit status and capacity to pay. Once you’ve found a suitable lender, you can then set the terms and conditions regarding the payment options and interest rates.

Through this process, your borrower profile and application will be visible to a pool of lenders and they’ll see whether or not you’re good fit.

Loan Status Updates

We also provide updates on your loan status and make the necessary arrangement to speed up the approval process. You can also visit our Loansolutions PH site for more related info about loans and personal financial management tips.