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If you are looking specifically for JP Morgan Chase Personal Loan, please visit their website at or contact them at +632 575 1199. Thank you.

It offers a wide range of affordable financial solutions to Filipinos, including the JP Morgan Chase personal loan, debt consolidation and credit card services. Through these financial products, it has helped thousands and probably millions of people achieve their life milestones – a dream car, a home, business.

Chase personal loan is also the go-to solution for quick cash, such as for emergency needs, student loans, urgent bills, home renovation and car purchase.

Borrowers can also choose to have either a secured or unsecured loan. The latter, though, is a more common, easy option as it doesn’t require the borrower to present collateral upon application, although the processing may take longer. Meanwhile, secured loan is a riskier choice because one has to put in one of your assets as collateral, which the bank will possess if you fail to pay off the loan.


Chase Bank’s personal loan has become a sough-after financial service for good reasons. The following are just few of the perks borrowers’ enjoy:

  • Fixed and variable loan rates
  • Quality services
  • Security options for added security
  • Availability of loan calculators, especially for interest rates
  • Updates and online responses for ongoing application
  • Ease of cash receipt and repayment options

Are you planning to get a loan now? If you do, prepare the following documents as soon as you can:

  • Proof of Income – Latest payslips and Certificate of Employment signed by the employer.
  • Proof of Citizenship – For foreigners, it helps to bring along your passport, proof of stay in the country or region that you’re staying upon application.
  • Proof of Residency – Utility bills and residence certificates will do
  • Credit History statement – Chase Bank will conduct necessary credit check, making those with good credit history at the upper end compared with those with relatively low score.
  • Personal Details – Applicants must be at least 18 years old, possessing at least 2 valid IDs (preferably, government-issued) and with a good credit score.

It’s also important to take note that approval for unsecured loans may take longer than secured loans, considering that the bank still has to thoroughly check and review the borrower’s capacity to pay.

For more information contact the Chase Bank Branch nearest you or call +632 575 1199. You can also visit their website at


In you’ve researched more avidly, JP Morgan Chase personal loan is just one of the loan options you have. The Philippine consumer lending has become more competitive that more and more banks and private lenders are offering this type of financial aid. To take advantage of this situation, fill up Loansolutions PH’s 3-Step Online Application form to get in touch with agents who will help you find a reliable provider of low-interest loan. A Loan Status Checker tool is also available on-site so that you can check your loan’s status at any time anywhere.