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If you are looking specifically for ING Group Personal Loan, please visit their website or contact them at +63 2 479 8888. Thank you.

Despite the availability of various personal loan offers today, ING’s personal loan product still has a competitive advantage that can’t be found in other providers. The following are the best perks one can enjoy with an ING loan:

  • Pro-borrower focus – ING puts its clients’ needs first by offering financial services tailored to their needs.
  • Formidable banking portfolio to boast – With the steadfast leadership of CEO Zondi Garcia, the bank has survived one of the toughest financial downturn that struck the country in 2008-2009.
  • Fast processing – ING’s agents rapid response and follow up rate is remarkable.
  • Favorable interest rate – Rate starts at 21%-24% per annum but may vary on the amount borrowed and the terms.
  • Ease of receipt and payment – Borrowers may access their cash directly on their existing accounts.
  • Favorable terms – Borrowers can choose to pay off the loan within 6 months to 5 years. ING Bank may also extend the loan tenure to 10 years to accommodate the borrower’s specific needs.

ING CB accommodates loan applications by individuals who can meet the following criteria:

  • Within the 25 to 60 years old age bracket
  • A regular employee or a self-employed individual
  • Must have no or minimal pending loans
  • Must be a long-term resident of the country or region of the ING Bank branch you’re planning to borrow from.

Qualified individuals need to submit the following documentary requirements upon application:

  • Application Form, duly filled up with signature and photograph
  • Photocopies of valid IDs such as Driver’s license, Voter’s ID or Passport
  • Proof of Income
  • For employed applicants, latest payslips and salary certificate with the most recent Form 16 are required.
  • For self-employed applicants, Latest Form 16 or ITR and the most recent bank statement
  • Processing fee
  • Bank Statements for the past 3 consecutive months prior to application
  • Bank Passbook showing records of the past 6 months

Please be guided that these requirements are just the bare minimum. It’s highly advisable to present as many relevant documents as possible to get your loan approved easily and faster.

For more information contact the ING Group Branch nearest you or call +63 2 479 8888. You can also visit their website at


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