The ING Group business loancaters to different needs of your business. You can borrow to fund a startup, or finance an existing venture that is experiencing liquidity problems. Whatever your business needs, you may apply for a loan at ING Group and their expert financial advisers will guide you on which type of business loan to apply for that will be tailor made to your needs. Their loan offers have different interest rates as well as terms, depending on the amount to be borrowed and other factors. But with Loansolutions, there is not one but a multitude of banks and lenders with varying business loan offers that you can choose from. You will have more options to compare.


There are several types of business loans that cater to different types of business financing. These include the following

  • Business acquisition loan, used for acquiring an existing venture
  • Franchise startup loan, used to finance known franchises
  • Professional loans, applied for by professionals such as doctors, lawyers, etc.
  • Working capital loans, used to finance a business’ day-to-day transactions
  • Startup loans, used to open up a small business
  • Construction financing, used to fund a commercial establishment construction.

Each of these types of business loans ha different interest rates and payment terms. Loansolutions’ network of banks and financial institutions offers these types of business loans and more. With us, you will have a plethora of choices for the right business loan that is suitable to your needs.


Although the interest rate of a business loan is probably the most important factor in considering which loan offer to go for once you have been matched with one or more of Loansolutions’ partners, there are still some things that you have to keep in mind when choosing which lender to team up with. You also have to understand each matched lender’s payment terms, collateral requirements and the like. Each bank or lending company has different conditions when it comes to their business loans, so you have to look into each condition and read the fine print before agreeing to anything. Other considerations include the lender’s policy regarding non-repayment of loans and re-applying for another loan.

All throughout the process of applying for a business loan, getting matched with banks and lenders, comparing and weighing the pros and cons of each matched lender’s offer, submitting requirements and loan approval and release, a financial expert from Loansolutions PH will be there to guide and assist you. Just visit our website at and start your business loan application.