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If you are looking specifically for HSBC Personal Loan, please visit their website at or contact them at (02) 85-800. Thank you.

What makes going through the loan process with our company different from going through it alone? A lot. For one, Loansolutions PH can introduce you to a handful of options that you can look through in order to obtain the most suitable loan type for your current need.We are not diminished to personal loans offered by banks such as HSBC. We also keep close ties with trusted credit companies who can provide specialized loan alternatives to meet your needs and your financial capacity.

For another, we can help make the process faster so you can obtain the money that you need whenever you need it. Our company is built around the principle of helping Filipinos in need to enjoy quick cash without hassle. We keep things easy through the partnership we built with lenders and finance institutions all these years. If you apply for an HSBC personal loan and any loan for that matter via our website, you will be able to access the fast lane towards approval.

For more information contact the HSBC Branch nearest you or call (02) 85-800. You can also visit their website at

Loansolutions PH is not a lending company. Our specialty is providing assistance to our clients who are looking for the right loan type that will assist their financial needs. To qualify, you must be 21 years old and have a monthly salary that is not lower than PhP 15,000. Additional requirements may also be ordered depending on the lending company you choose to go for. Once you qualify and submit the necessary documents, you will only need to wait a few days to get approval.

Application forms are available through in the necessary details because that will be our basis for evaluating which types of loans and lenders could be your match. After laying down your options, including the pros and cons, you can go for whichever lending institution you feel might give you the best advantage. From there, we will assist you qualify for that loan and get approved for it. Trust our expertise. It has been working for many borrowers in the Philippines for long. You can’t be mistaken.