Global Dominion Personal Loan: The Best Option for Personal and Business Financing Purposes

Global Dominion is a financing firm committed to provide the Filipino people affordable, easy-to-avail loans. In its aim to become the Filipinos’ household name in financing solutions, the firm makes its financial products and services available to clients of all walks of life – students, engineers, entrepreneurs, OFWs and doctors.

Global Dominion’s Top Rated Loan Products

In its efforts to compete with banks and emerge as the best loan provider, Global Dominion offers a wide selection of loan options, some of the most sought-after of which are the following:

  • Second-hand Car Financing – for individuals who’re planning to buy a second-hand car
  • Car Loan – for car owners looking for ways to access quick cash putting their car up as a guarantee
  • Salary Loan – for employed individuals getting short on cash
  • Business Loan – for entrepreneurs pooling up money for capital
  • Doctor’s Loan – for doctor’s looking for additional money to fund the expansion of a clinic or purchase of new equipment
  • Corporate Loan– for entrepreneurs looking for funding to expand and grow their business
  • SSS Pensioner’s Loan– for SSS members who likes to take out a loan from their SSS premium

If you’re interested in getting one of these loan products, read the eligibility and documentary requirements to know what documents to pass and if you’re qualified for one of these loans.

Basic Documentary and Eligibility Requirements

Unlike banks, a Global Dominion personal loan is fairly easy and hassle-free to get by. One just needs to pass the eligibility criteria and documents needed.

Eligibility Criteria

Global Dominion accepts applicants from individuals within the ages 21 to 59 years old. Applicants 60 years old and up can still apply, but has to present a Special Power of Attorney. Applicants must be a Filipino citizen with a stable source of income, be it as a regular employee or a self-employed entrepreneur. A co-maker is needed unless the firm permits that one isn’t necessary. Contact details and proof of residence must be submitted.

Documents to Pass

If you think you’re eligible for a loan, make sure to bring along the following documents upon application if you’re applying in person or submit digital copies for online applicants:

  • Valid IDs, preferably government-issued such as Passport, Voter’s ID, Driver’s License (Photocopies)
  • Proof of Billing (Utility Bills)
  • Proof of Residence
  • Latest payslips (Photocopies)
  • DTI or BIR papers for self-employed applicants operating a business
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