Product Review of Global Dominion Car Loan

Public Notice – Disclaimer: We currently do not partner with Global Dominion and details about Global Dominion herein are solely for information purposes only. For other loan provider alternatives, check out below. For partnership concerns, click here.

If you are looking specifically for Global Dominion Car Loan, please visit their website at or contact them at  0918-979-8015. Thank you.

Global Dominion is a consumer lending business that provides salary loans and car loans. They have several branches all over the country and they are well known for their affordable loans. The company has been striving hard to get their name recognized by more and more people.


There is already a large number of car loan providers in the Philippines. You can either choose car loans from banks or from finance companies. There are providers that offer lesser interest than the others but are only limited to a certain brand and model. Since there are a lot of car loans to choose from, it’s quite common to get confused about which company you should apply to. There is simply too much to consider.

It can be very hard to weigh in all of your choices but at the end of the day, it still is possible to achieve it. You just need to pick a ar first and then worry about which car loan company you need to apply to. After that, you should proceed to compiling all the documents needed.

For more information contact the Global Dominion Branch nearest you or call 0918-979-8015. You can also visit their website at


Ever since the birth of technological innovations, man has found so many ways to make their lives simpler. Among those innovations include the creation of online processing of the application for several bank and finance company products such as loans. Instead of visiting banks, and finance firms, all you need to do is to look for their websites and browse for their loan offerings. You would then be asked to scan and submit all of the documents required and fill out the form. You would also need to sign the form through the electronic consent.

Aside from easy and simplified perks of online application, we at, can offer you more. We can give you better deals than what you are offered in Global Dominion. Our large network of lenders enables us to provide you with what you need according to your profile. These lenders would fit your paying capability and also provide the car loan for your dream car.


Here at Loansolutions PH,  there are only 2 things for you to remember doing; first is to make sure that you submit the requirements so we could assess your profile. These requirements would be documents such as IDs, ITRS and the application form. The second would be waiting for the notification for the lenders that matches your profile. After you receive that, we would then talk about the terms of the loan that fits you and then we would assign a finance officer who will guide you along the way.