Product Review of Global Dominion Business Loan

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Global Dominion Business Loan  is one of the products offered by Global Dominion Financing Incorporated (GDFI). Their primary mission is to help small to medium entrepreneurs achieve their own goals through easy and affordable loans. Aside from business loans, other financing services where they specialize are personal loans, salary loans and car loans. They, from time to time, would also offer career opportunities for freelance loan agents for the company. For the meantime, they pride themselves in helping clients from different walks of life.


Starting entrepreneurs and those who look to expand their business ventures have many options in applying for business loans. Major players like big banks offer loans depending on the profile of the customer. For example, Philippine National Bank is offering long-term credit for those who are looking to buy equipment or finance overhead and operating expenses. Other major banks popular for startup businesses are Banco de Oro and Citibank Philippines.Also, many small cooperatives and financial institutions offer services for small entrepreneurs. Normal going rates for interests range from 4% to 11% with options for either short-term or long-term financing. Application requirements generally would include business registration, government permits and the usual identifications.

For more information contact the Global Dominion Branch nearest you or call0918-979-8015 /892-1271 / 892-5441. You can also visit their website


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