We at Loansolutions can help you find the right loan that suits your needs, with affordable interest rate and the best possible terms. Our goal is to connect borrowers to lenders and help them proceed with the loan application process smoothly. We understand that many want to avail of SSS loans because of the number of advantages associated with them. However, not everyone is an SSS member. Also, not everyone has paid enough contributions to be able to qualify for a loan.

That’s why we try to connect borrowers to lenders that can provide similarly good terms and rates, or better. We have created a simple process wherein you simply have to fill out our online form, choose a lender that will be presented after you complete the form, and proceed to the actual processing of the loan. We try to remove all the hassles as we match you with a legitimate loan service provider that could serve as an excellent alternative to an SSS loan.


We at Loansolutions are not in the business of taking over the entire process of how to loan in SSS application. In fact, we cannot help you get an SSS loan especially if you are not even an SSS member. What we do is to look for the most suitable alternatives and expedite the process. We cannot interfere with the actual process conducted by our partner banks and lenders in approving or disapproving a loan. What we do is to help bolster your chances of having your loan approved.

We do this through our pre-qualification system. We do our own screening using our own standards to test if your application has a chance of getting an approval. Once you pass our prequalifying stage, we then assign a loan adviser to you. This adviser will help you get acquainted with everything related to your loan application. The adviser will also do the legwork in submitting the documents pertaining to your application to the bank or financial services company you chose.

Basically, we jumpstart your loan application to help improve your chances for an approval. Our loan adviser will be responsible in providing you updates pertaining to your loan application. However, some banks may prefer to directly contact you regarding matters such as credit investigation and the actual release of funds once your loan has been approved. If you haven’t heard about your application yet, you can always contact our customer service representative to get an immediate update.


Most of the work involving your loan application will be done online. As such, you can do everything from home or your office. Again, we do not claim that we can guide you on how to loan in SSS online. We focus on introducing you to alternatives and helping you improve your chances of getting a positive feedback from the bank or lending company. What we offer are services from our partner banks and other financial service companies.

Ultimately, you will still be transacting with the lenders we match you with. We can assure you, though, that by working with us in processing your loan, you will have significantly increased your chances of getting an approval.

Don’t hesitate to use the service we offer at Loansolutions. All you need to do is to fill out our online form, pick a lender you find preferable, and proceed with the actual loan application with the lender you picked.