Any Filipino citizen who is a paying member of the Fund and has been paying the monthly contribution for at least 24 months can avail of a Pag-ibig loan. Pag-ibig has different types of loans such as multi-purpose loan, housing loan, short-term loan and calamity loan. Most, if not all, employees and self-employed individuals are members of the Fund, and as long as they meet the contribution and other requirements set by the Fund, they can avail of any type of loan. But for those who are not members of Pag-ibig and need to secure a loan for whatever purpose they deem necessary, Loansolutions steps in to help them get one. Loansolutions can help even existing Pag-ibig Fund members who are looking for alternative loan options.


Loansolutions has partnered with several lending companies and banks to offer Filipinos a variety of loans and interest rates that they can be matched with, and if their borrower’s information is matched with more than one lender, then they can choose the best option that they think will benefit them the most. Pag-ibig loan interest rate for housing is slated at 6.5% per annum. For some, that figure is high, and if they cannot afford that kind of interest rate, they have choices with Loansolutions. Some of our partners have lower than 6.5% interest on housing and other types of loans.

We offer convenience to loan applicants, as you do not have to contact several loan institutions to learn of their offers. With us, we already have about 20 partner banks and lenders, so with just a few clicks, you will already be served with multiple offers. Here you can compare loan offers and interest rates and have the option to choose the one that will give you the best deal.


As an alternative to Pag-ibig loan qualify for one with Loansolutions with the best rates that you can ever get. Our partners have the best rates for their various loan offers. Just fill out our application form and we will take things from there. As long as you meet our age, nationality and income requirements, you will be matched with one or several of our banks and lending partners.

Loansolutions does not charge application or processing fees; we only profit on commission by the time a loan is approved. This alone will already save you thousands of pesos in processing fees. Our site is a one-stop shop where you only have to take three steps to secure a loan. You can also get useful information from our Frequently Asked Questions page and learn about us and the different loan alternatives that offer the most incredible rates. Applying for a loan and getting approved only takes about 5 to 10 days, depending on your chosen bank or lender’s lead processing time. Securing a loan has been made more convenient with Loansolutions.