Product Review of Metrobank Direct Personal Loan

Public Notice – Disclaimer: We currently do not partner with Metrobank and details about Metrobank herein are solely for information purposes only. For other loan provider alternatives, check out below. For partnership concerns, click here.

If you are looking specifically for Metrobank Direct Personal Loan, please visit their website at or call the Metrobank 24/7 Customer Hotline at 8700-700Thank you.

How to Apply for a Metrobank Loan

Metrobank is one of the top banks in the Philippines offering several financial products to Filipinos around the world. Metrobank loan is among its line of products that are availed especially by their account holders. If you are planning to get a loan whether you are a Metrobank account holder or not, then it pays to know the requirements.

You can apply for a Metrobank Direct Personal Loan if you are a regular employee, OFW or a business owner. Below are Metrobank Loan Requirements.

– Valid Government-issued ID

– Latest Income Tax Return (ITR)

– Certificate of Employment with details on salary, position and length of service (with contact number of the Company HR)

Steps On Applying for a Metrobank Loan

First visit the nearest Metrobank branch in your location. Make sure to prepare all the requirements prior to your visit so you don’t go back and forth. Then while at the bank, find the loan officer assigned and submit your requirements for checking and verification. Metrobank staff and loan officer will request you to come bank only when you receive a call instructing you to do so. Loan processing takes 5 – 10 working days. The bank will then call you once your loan is approved.

For more information on Metrobank Direct Personal Loan, contact the nearest Metrobank Branch nearest you or call 24/7 Customer Hotline at 8700-700 or visit their website at

What Happens If You’re Disapproved?

Then, you’ll have to start all over again with a different bank — one bank after another until you get approved. Well what if I tell you we have a better alternative than something like Metrobank Direct Personal Loan?

If you apply for a loan at, we will match you with our 20+ network of partners that offer personal loans and see which ones you qualify for. Yes, with ONE APPLICATION, you get to process with MULTIPLE LOAN PROVIDERS all AT THE SAME TIME.

You do not have to settle on the first offer that you come across; Loansolutions is here to give you better alternatives than what is presently available. As long as you meet the requirements, you are on your way to the bank to cash your loan check.


How Does Loansolutions Match Borrowers With Lenders?

Loansolutions employs an advanced matching algorithm to match possible borrowers with our partners. Our pre-qualification requirements such as age, nationality and income are within the range that our partners require. Our system looks at your application form with Loansolutions and the requirements of our partners. More often than not you will get matched with more than one lender based on your qualifications. This way you get the chance to choose which lender pitches the best personal loan offer that is most suitable to your paying capacity.

Qualify With Our 20+ Network of Loan Providers as Alternative to Metrobank Loan

You have to be at least 21 years old and a regular employee for a year. If you own a business, it should be in full operation and profiting for a minimum of two years to qualify. You must not be over 60 years old upon the loan’s maturity to ensure that our partner gets repaid of the loan. You should be a citizen of the Philippines, otherwise you should present an Alien Registration Certificate to qualify for any loan with Loansolutions.

Apply at Loansolutions now so you can immediately fund your needs, whatever you need cash for. Applying for a personal loan with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3. You don’t have to wait for long to get your loan approved. As soon as you have been prequalified and matched with one or more of our partner banks and lenders, you can just sit back and relax and wait for five to ten days for your loan to be approved and released.