BPI loan can be in the form of a personal, home, business or auto loan. Each loan has different terms and rates depending on the amount of the loan and the capacity of the borrower to pay. A personal loan is usually paid on a monthly basis that can range from 12 to 36 months. A qualified borrower can either apply for a loan at BPI online or in any one of its branches.

Loansolutions offers alternatives to a BPI loan. We have over 20 partner banks and lending institutions that have varying loan offers with competitive interest rates. The best thing about Loansolutions is our end-to-end service. We will do all the leg work after your loan application has been matched with one of or more of our partners. You will only have to wait for the approval and release of your loan. And we do not charge loan applicants application and processing fees compared to BPI, which charges a one-time fee of PhP 1,500 pesos for the processing of the loan.


Loansolutions has partnered with the Philippines’ premier banks and lending companies to provide loan borrowers the best loan offers that they can get. And just like in a BPI loan apply online at Loansolutions and fill out our application form so we can match you with the right lender according to your borrower’s information. Our application form is quite different from a BPI loan form. The information we will ask from you will pre-qualify you on our partners’ loan qualifications. Our advanced matching algorithm will take care of getting your perfect lender match.

What you will have with Loansolutions are options. You do not have to settle for one bank or lending company to apply for a loan. We are a one-stop shop where you only need to fill out one application form and it will be sent out to a number of our partners and you will be matched with one or more lender, where you will have the option to choose the one that will give you the best deal out of your loan.


Securing a loan from any financial institution can be hard, especially if it is your first time applying for one or your financial status is not at par with other lenders that require a very high income to secure a loan. With Loansolutions, we will give you choices and alternatives that will best match with your paying capacity and loan needs. Our company is dedicated to serve every Filipino who needs assistance that otherwise they cannot get anywhere else. Our partners share our goal of providing loan assistance to Filipinos and giving them the option to choose which one suits them best. Gone are the days when you have to settle on the first offer that you come across because looking for others is such a hassle. Learn about our offers now!