A BPI housing loan is a good option to take if you want to buy a house. However, you might find the rates and terms less than desirable and the process to be complicated and tedious. While the ads claim that availing the service is easy, your circumstances may not make you eligible or there could be terms in the loan you don’t find acceptable. Loansolutions can help you find the best alternative.

Our site makes it easy to avail of loan products that are legitimate and competitive. We provide all the assistance you need to get the right loan for you need if you want to purchase a house and lot or condominium, fund or reimburse a home construction, refinance another home loan, buy a lot, or pay for a home expansion or renovation. Once you have picked the right loan for you, we will help you with the processing until you get approved.


Use Loansolutions to find the best housing loan alternative. We will promptly connect you to lenders that can provide the loans you need at the terms favorable to you. We will also facilitate your loan application so you can easily push through with the process. Most of the steps will be done online. You can even complete an online form similar to the traditional BPI housing loan form right in front of your computer. All you need to do is to provide your details and upload the documents required for the loan and wait for your approval.

Loansolutions has partnered with a multitude of competitive lenders that are always eager to extend their service to qualified applicants. Sometimes, you find it difficult to get a loan because you keep going to the wrong financial company. Through our system, we make sure that you will not be wasting your time fitting into the requirements imposed by just one lender. We will help you find other options that have slightly more liberal policies, terms, and requirements.


The Loansolutions service is only open to Filipino citizens but foreign citizens with Filipino spouses may also apply. The Filipino spouse will be made the principal borrower. Most of the requirements and policies of a BPI housing loan apply similarly. Loan applicants must be at least 21 years old and not more than 70 years old on the day of the loan’s maturity. Applicants can be employees, self-employed, OFWs, and others who can show proof of regular income. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section for more details on the qualifications.

Find the best loan product for you and apply. We have a pre-qualifying process to make sure that you get higher chances of having your loan approved.