BPI offers auto loan to qualified applicants to help them in purchasing their vehicle. Filipino citizens who are 21 to 65 years old and earn a minimum monthly salary of PhP 30,000.00 could qualify for a BPI auto loan. This type of loan can be used for getting brand new and second hand units that can be paid for up to three to six years. There is a BPI auto loan form that you can fill out on the bank’s website in order to apply for the loan.


With Loansolutions, it is easier to qualify for the loan. Compared to the minimum monthly salary of Php 30,000.00 that is required by BPI, applicant’s income cap at Loansolutions to qualify is at least Php 15,000.00 to qualify. LoanSolutions does not lend but partners with several banks and lenders in the country, making it easier to find the company that best matches your need and profile. Processing of the loan is quick. You will know if your loan is approved within 5 to 10 days. Another good thing about LoanSolutions is that we will help you throughout the application process. We will get in touch with you to talk about your requirements and update you with the status of your application. Our customer support is also available to answer your queries or help you with any of your concerns.


If you want a better alternative to BPI auto loan apply with LoanSolutions. Banks and lenders have specific requirements that you need to meet, which will be discussed with you prior to the release of the loan. There are also general qualifications that you need to qualify for an auto loan.

LoanSolutions helps match borrowers to the right lenders in the Philippines. One important qualification is that you must also be working for at least two to three years and have been with your current company for at least a year. If you are running a business, it must be profitable and has been operating for a minimum of three years.

Aside from these requirements, most banks and lenders would do a credit investigation or background check to see if you’re a good payer. If you don’t have a good credit standing, your application might not be approved. LoanSolutions does not just leave applicants hanging as we educate them as much as we can on why they were not qualified and what they can do to have their loan approved. In the future, we aim to cater to all Filipinos in need of credit from all walks of life.