BDO car loan products are some of the best options if you want to buy your own vehicle but you can’t afford to pay it in cash. However, it is not a perfect loan product. Other banks or financial institutions might be able to offer better interest rates and terms. There are also instances when you could not comply with all the strict requirements.

The car loans from BDO have a starting interest rate of 5.63% with a corresponding effective interest rate of 10.43%. These translate to an average of ₱97,944 over the total loan period. If you think these amounts are too much for you to afford, you may want to look for alternative loan options. It’s worth noting that a BDO car loan interest, in general, is higher than the ones offered by Security Bank, Metrobank, and BPI.

Of course, the interest rate is not the only thing that should be considered. There are several other factors that need to be taken into account. That’s why you need to be meticulous in evaluating your options. We at Loansolutions can help you deal with the intricacies of choosing the right car loan product for you. We will match you with the best possible lenders that can address your needs.


If you need a convenient way to find alternatives and easily process your loan application, all you need to do is to fill out our online form here on Loansolutions. You will then be shown a list options for possible lenders you want to get a loan from. We have partnered with numerous banks and lending institutions to make the loan application and processing significantly easier. With the network of lenders we have, it is highly likely that you will eventually find the right loan product you need, and be assured that you are getting it from a legitimate and reputable financial services provider.

We do not offer the loan products ourselves. What we do is to facilitate the connection between loan applicants and prospective lenders. Our goal is to make it fast and easy getting a car loan. A car or auto loan is not something you should hastily get so if you are looking for alternatives, you need to make sure that the you are doing it properly. If you think the alternatives we present are not better than what BDO offers, we can also help you proceed with your BDO car loan application process. Once you already have a Loansolutions account, you will just have to complete an online form similar to the standard BDO car loan form, submit the required the documents, and wait for the approval.


Loansolutions is a service intended for Filipino citizens who are at least 24 years old but not older than 60 on the maturity date of the loan. Foreigners may also apply for a loan if they have Filipino spouses since most banks allow the setup wherein the Filipino spouses are appointed as the principal borrower. Anyone who can provide a proof of regular and sufficient income can apply for a loan although there are specific details regarding the number of years at work or the number of profitable years in business (for self-employed individuals and businessmen).

Avail of a good alternative for a BDO car loan now. Make sure that the alternative you choose is legitimate and is able to address your needs with the best possible rates and terms by processing your application here on Loansolutions.