Product Review of Metrobank Personal Loan

Public Notice – Disclaimer: We currently do not partner with Metrobank and details about Metrobank herein are solely for information purposes only. For other loan provider alternatives, check out below. For partnership concerns, click here.

If you are looking specifically for Metrobank Personal Loan, please visit their website at or contact them at (632) 708-7088.Thank you.

People apply for personal loans for varying reasons. It could be that they need to have their home renovated, they wish to purchase a new appliance or they need this for the tuition fee of their kids. If you’re thinking of applying for a Metrobank personal loan alternative Metrobank personal loan apply, you would need other alternatives as this type of loan is not offered by the bank. Based from their site, the types of loans they offer are car and home loans.

The good news is that your option doesn’t end there. Loansolutions has alternative Metrobank personal loan apply form that you can fill out as a pre-qualification so we can match you with our best partner lenders. The details that you will provide will be used so we can determine which of them could provide your needs. By doing so, you are not just limited to one offer, but to several other choices. This is a huge advantage on your part as you can compare their terms and you’ll have the power to select which you think is the best match for you.

For more information contact the Metrobank Branch nearest you or call (632) 708-7088. You can also visit their website at


Loansolutions makes the application process for getting a personal loan easy for everyone. You don’t have to go personally to the bank, fill up their application form and wait for several days or weeks before you know if your application was approved or not. With our site, you can put your details on our alternative Metrobank personal loan online form so we can proceed with the first step of your loan application.

We’ll present you with your best match so you can choose which of these lenders you wish to continue with the application process. You can have the result in as little as 24 hours. In case your loan was not approved, you’ll also be notified. We can work with you so we can resolve the issues that caused the application not to be approved then we’ll find you other matches to get another chance on your personal loan approval. The entire process is convenient, especially for busy individuals as everything is done over the Internet.


Our team of customer service specialists is always available if you have any questions or you need any kind of assistance regarding the loan application. We use a smart algorithm to conveniently match you with the best lenders for your needs. Loansolutions is here to help you get your personal loan approved and on top of that we would like you to get the lowest rates and a flexible payment solution making it easy for you to repay the money you owe. We only work with partners that offer 1% to 5% interest rate, which is within or even lower than the industry standard. Get your personal loans approved by filling our application form today!