The first step towards the realization of your dream home is to find a lender that will take you in and help you finance your dream home. This step is crucial, as you will determine which lenders your qualifications will fit in. You will also have to compare rates, terms and other loan concerns. This is a difficult process as you will have to fill out forms upon forms and even visit each lender to talk to an adviser to get an idea on how you can avail of their home loan offers.

With Loansolutions, this crucial first step is simplified. With only one pre-qualifying form to fill out, you will be given choices on alternatives of a BDO housing loan. Apply for a home loan at Loansolutions and we will take care of finding the right lender for you. Our partners have differing home loan offers and if your qualifications meet their requirements, you will have a host of options to choose from that will be most beneficial to you.


As soon as you have been pre-qualified, we will present to you our partner lenders’ offers and from there you will have the option to pick the one you will partner with. Each one has differing rates from BDO housing loan interest rates. There may be better rates that will suit your paying capacity as well as have flexible payment terms. Our loan processing is fast; it will only take up to 10 days for the legwork to be finished and your loan be approved. The turnaround time for a loan processing depends on the partner lender’s lead time.


All Filipino citizens or aliens married to Filipino citizens who are at least 21 years old and not more than 70 upon the loan’s maturity can apply for a home loan, provided they can provide proof of steady income. There are other qualifications for potential borrowers. You can visit our website for more information.

Having a house of your own is no longer as difficult to acquire as it was in the past several decades where you had to do all the legwork. With today’s Internet technology, we utilize this benefit as much as we can to cater to more clients in the Philippines, especially those who are in the remote provinces. Loansolutions will do all the processing for your convenience. When you have explored the options we have given you and have decided on which lender to partner with, you can just sit back and relax. You only have to wait for your home loan application to be approved and released. It has never been this easy to apply for a loan with Loansolutions.