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What makes you different from other lenders?

We promote convenience and fast processing.

You do not need to go from bank to bank to check if your qualified, and submit requirements per bank We will do this for you– we will be sending your uploaded documents to several banks if qualified, that is why your documents are not supposed to be addressed specifically.

You just need to upload documents, no need to visit the office

Although if you wish to visit our office in Cebu and Makati, you are most welcome.

We will be endorsing your application to banks near you, so that when your loan is approved, you can easily get the loan proceeds.

There is a possibility that you need to travel to get your loan proceed if your matched lender is not somewhere near you, but of course, that is up to you if you’re ok with it (you will be informed if this is the only option– after all, the goal is for you to get the loan).