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What are the requirements?

Requirements asked from you are dependent on your matched lender (example: if matched with lender A, requirements asked from you, are from lender A).

If you are not able to provide the requirements asked by your lender, you will be deemed disapproved or not qualified– you will then be matched with other lender that requires lesser documents.

Additional requirements may be asked from you if necessary to showcase your proof of income.


Certificate of Employment (latest)

  1. Wanted to know your latest status as of loan application.
  2. Keep the original because some bank partners asked it upon loan released (to ensure validity of the documents).
  3. The intent should be for loan purpose only.
  4. Should not be addressed to any bank because we will possibly be endorsing it to more than 1 bank if qualified.
  5. Company ID (scanned back to back with 3 specimen signatures on each photocopy)

    1. Especially for BPO applicants, though the back of the ID does not contain anything, photocopy it still, bank partners still want to see it.
    2. Make sure the ID is still valid
    3. Government-issued ID (scanned back to back with 3 specimen signatures on each photocopy)

      Copy of ITR (BIR form 2316)

      • This is needed by our bank partners
        • They would wanted to see how much of the declared gross monthly income is taxable.
        • This means non taxable bonuses and incentives are not counted.
        • Input in the application your gross monthly taxable income.
        • Before uploading it, make sure you are able to affix your and your employer’s signature.

      Latest Payslip

      1. Bank partners need the latest three months payslip.
      2. Lender B asked only the latest one month payslip.

      Latest proof of billing (Electricity/Water Bill)

      1. Bank partners prefers electric and water bill
        • some banks may consider phone bills
      2. Should be under your name
      3. If renting, please secure the following:
        • Bill from the owner of the place you are renting.
        • Secure a certification from the owner that you are residing in their rental house.
          • Specify the number of months or years stay.
          • Signed by the owner of the rental house.
          • Secure a valid ID from the owner, photocopy it back to back with three specimen signatures.
      4. If living with parents or relatives, please secure the following:
        • Bill from your parents or relatives.
        • Photocopy with their valid id’s back to back with three specimen signatures on each photocopy.
        • Indicate in your matched lender’s application form that you are living with your relatives/parents.

      Credit card statement of account and scanned copy front view of physical card (optional)

      • This is not required although preferred so they can see your repayment behavior.

      Bank statement of account – front page only (optional)

      • This is not required, should you have it, this will let them see your capability of repaying your loan.