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What are the requirements for a beneficiary loan?

We don’t offer beneficiary loan. We only offer allottee loan from sea based OFW with the source of income from allotment. For the landbase OFW, we have migrant loan. With this even the OFW or the borrower is still outside the country, they can still be able to process loan. They all need to have a co borrower. We consider beneficiary loan as a migrant loan. The following are the requirements:

• Contract w/ POEA validation/ Info-sheet (for balik manggagawa)

• E-receipt

• Passport

• Visa • Ticket

• Marriage Contract or Birth Certificate of Children

• Latest and Orig. electric or water bill

• 2 proof of residency

• 2 valid ID’s

• 2×2 pic (3pcs.) CO-BORROWER (Spouse/immediate relative/friends with stable income)

• 2 valid ID’s

• 2×2 pic (3 pcs)

• Latest and orig. electric or water bill

• 2 proof of residency

• Proof of income