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Is there any other options for me if I am not qualified?

Should you think you are not qualified to process a loan, please consider these two options:

  1. Ask a relative or friend who are qualified (assess according to the requirements) to apply loan in your behalf.
    • He/she should be able to submit the required documents under her /his name. You can just negotiate on the payment terms with them after the loan is approved.
    • especially if you are an OFW abroad, you cannot let your relative submit your requirements because you are not in the Philippines. Your relative who will apply in your behalf should apply and submit requirements under their name. Example:
    • Applicant A is not qualified
    • Applicant B is qualified and apply in behalf of Applicant A
    • Applicant B will apply with Applicant B’s information
    • If approved, Applicant B gets the loan proceed
    • Agreement with Applicant A and B who consumes the loan proceed
    • Applicant B should be the one to ensure repayment of the loan regardless if the fund is coming from Applicant A or B
  2. You may want to check on PawnHero as it offers fast loans in exchange for items you don’t currently need. Get a loan without any of the usual minimum income, co-borrower, or document requirements. Please visit their website for further information.
    • partnership with Pawnhero is an initiative in case, our applicant is not qualified with our partners on board.
    • Normally, this is the last resort we can offer to our applicants.
    • If the need is very urgent that they cannot go through the whole loan process.

We definitely understand how important the loan application is for you, we aim to work with until you get the loan We are trying our best to close deals with banks and micro-lending companies that can offer loans for clients who cannot be qualified by our existing partners. We will just contact you once we have these partners on board.