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How does Loansolutions service works?

We tap into a multitude of loan products from major banks and lending companies in the country to offer our applicants multiple options suitable to their need. We make sure you only apply once but get many loan application matches with our network of partner loan providers.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Loan application

Apply Loan at and fill out required information

Step 2: Sign up or Register

Create your loan profile account by adding a password and confirming your account via your email.

Step 3: Automated System Matching

Our advanced algorithm will match your loan profile with the standard qualifications of our lending partners. Information that we utilize for matching includes income and employment among others.

Step 4: Document Compliance

In your own account, you will be requested to upload a list of documents relevant to your loan. If you don’t have the documents at hand, you can click on Skip and get back to it later by logging in.

Step 5: Receive a Call/Email 

You will be assigned a dedicated loan adviser who will take care of your application. You will receive a call within 24 hours from application. Loan advisers are in charge of applicant verification, pre-qualification and processing.

Step 6: Processing 

Once you have uploaded all required documents, your loan adviser will submit your completed application to your matched lender(s) or bank(s) for processing.

Note: Since banks/lenders require your signature on their bank forms, we will either need you to affix your signature to your application which adviser has filled out from your phone interview/verification or fill out all matched bank forms sent to you, which you will need to scan and send back to your loan adviser for processing.

Step 7: Due Diligence

Bank(s) will do their due diligence or their internal process which includes further verification through credit investigation (interview or ocular visit) and may ask additional requirements you need to comply prior or after loan approval.

Step 8: Loan Results

Within the course of processing, you only need to login to your account to see the status of your loan. At the same time, you will receive either an email, call or SMS from support staff or from your dedicated loan adviser. Make sure you check and login to your account from time to time.

If you have further questions regarding the status of your loan just contact support.