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How to apply for a loan?

We bring in a new way of borrowing money – easier, better and faster. Compared to the old and traditional way of annoying long lines, uncertainties and the high chance of red tape, Loansolutions offer a super quick application process that does not require you at all to leave the comforts of your home or office.

Just fill out a single 3-minute application. Once you hit submit, our system automatically works on prequalifying and matching your application to our network of partner lending companies where we submit your application to, all at the same time. And instead of long, disruptive waiting lines at the bank, you’ll have friendly loan advisors waiting to help you go through all the process every step of the way from document collection until loan approval.


Step 1: Fill out our online form at

Our 3-minute loan application only asks a few questions enough to prequalify your application and profile. Once you were able to fill out and log in to your account, verify your email by clicking on the confirmation link. Doing this will validate your application and it will be considered as received.

Step 2: Upload documentary requirements 

In your account login, click on the Upload Document tab and start uploading your requirements such as proof of identity (valid IDs), proof of residency (Utility bills) and proof of income (Payslips, COE etc.). Your documents will be received by your designated Loan Advisor for further review.

Step 3: Keep phone lines open for a call

After submitting your application, you will get a call within 24 hours from your designated Loan Advisor. We advise our applicants to keep their phone lines open and receive calls from unknown numbers for this might be from your Loan Advisor trying to get in touch with you to assist with your loan.

The initial call will first verify your need for the loan (reason for loan, amount needed, repayment term etc.), accuracy of the information you have provided in the application and the lenders you match with.

Step 4: Submit additional documents (if necessary)

Depending on your loan match, often times the lender you match with require additional documents such as credit card statements (if any), ITR or Income Tax Return document from BIR, Certificate of Employment indicating your position, monthly income and year you started with the company for Employed Individuals. Or Bank Statements, Audited Financial Statements and Registration Documents for Businesses.

Step 5: Wait for updates

Your loan advisor will keep you up to date with your loan application. We will also send you email updates and other loan advises to help you be informed. You will also receive a call direct from the lender(s) we match you with to do their own credit assessment/evaluation, so again keep your phone lines open all the time.


Congratulations! Your loan got approved. Please be reminded that final update or news on whether your loan is approved will be coming directly from your lender(s) and not from